Designs tempered by a respect for history

Shaping the future while respecting the past

It’s important to respect the heritage of buildings that have graced our skylines and shaped or cities for decades or hundreds of years.

But, to ensure we maintain spaces in which people want to live, work and play, these buildings will typically require repair, renovation or re-imagining. We understand the need for a sensitive approach to developing buildings that are part of our architectural heritage, however small a part they play.

We enjoy finding new ways to improve and lengthen the life of buildings which might appear beyond salvation. And our team works hard to develop new ways to retain original materials and sensitively work as many as possible into new developments; a whole façade, an arch or just the corbels that offer a glimpse of the past.

Councils, developers and home-owners who need help interpreting the complex planning process, are welcome to engage us in a conservation conversation – we will explain what’s possible and when plans go too far.

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There’s nothing we like more than to talk design, architecture and buildings, so please get in touch and let’s discuss your next project.

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