When it needs more than just a lick of paint

Reinventing with innovative and creative solutions

It takes a good artist to start with a blank canvas, but a better one to work over another’s design. Refurbishment is as important to us, as designing from scratch. Think more rejuvenation than refurb.

Our process, still based on listening intently and discussing your vision, allows you to realise the full potential of your current property, whether it’s to sell-on, lease, rent or live in yourself.

We believe there is little that’s done, that can’t be undone and put back in a different, better way. This approach ensures a property will be judged favourably when compared to those that surround it. Which will only improve your return.

We’re here to talk when you need to improve a facade, increase access and circulation, open the interior to more light, create new views and bring everything up to date. No sticking plasters, just the cosmetic surgery that delivers long-term results.

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There’s nothing we like more than to talk design, architecture and buildings, so please get in touch and let’s discuss your next project.

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